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Table Tennis Betting 2023

At Mostbet, table tennis enthusiasts can engage in exciting betting experiences. With a focus on comprehensive coverage of table tennis events, Mostbet offers a diverse range of betting options for this fast-paced sport. Users can place bets on various outcomes such as match winners, set scores, and player performance. With competitive odds and a user-friendly interface, Mostbet ensures an immersive and rewarding table tennis betting experience for fans and bettors alike.

What is Table Tennis?

Table Tennis betting is not a new form of online entertainment, but it is not as popular as other sports like cricket betting and football betting. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, many users have turned to this sport. Table Tennis is an active game similar to tennis, played by two opponents or four players in two teams. Players use small bats to hit a ball on a table separated by a net.

Several bookmaker sites offer Table Tennis betting, but Mostbet India has the best selection of events and the highest odds in the market. It allows players to place live and pre-match wagers on the world’s most popular tournaments. Additionally, Mostbet offers the best Table Tennis betting app in India, which allows punters to place bets anytime and anywhere. Use the tips and information in this Mostbet review to join Mostbet and start winning.

Mostbet Table Tennis Betting

Upcoming Table Tennis events, dates

Table tennis is a sport that involves hitting a small ball with a paddle across a table divided by a net. Table tennis is played by millions of people around the world, both recreationally and competitively. Table tennis has a global competitive scene, with regional and international tournaments that feature different categories and formats. Some of the tournaments are organized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the governing body of the sport, while others are run by independent organizations or platforms.

There are many table tennis events that take place throughout the year, offering different levels of prestige, prize money and ranking points. Some of the events are individual or team events, while others are mixed or para events. Here are some of the upcoming table tennis events in 2023, based on their dates and locations:

World Table Tennis Day23 AprWorldwide
WTT Champions Xinxiang9-15 AprXinxiang, China
ITTF Africa Cup4-6 MayNairobi, Kenya
World Championships in Durban20-28 MayDurban, South Africa
WTT Champions Macao17-23 MayMacao, China

These are some of the upcoming table tennis events in 2023, but there are many more to choose from. 

Placing Bets on Table Tennis with Mostbet

Mostbet’s gaming mechanics are simple, allowing newly registered customers to start winning money quickly. Follow the steps below to place your first Table Tennis bet:

  • Create a personal account – Click on “Sign up” and register using your phone number or email. Fill in your personal information, come up with a strong password, and complete the procedure.
  • Log in – Use your login and password to sign in and choose a welcome gift. Activate it to increase your winnings.
  • Make a deposit – Replenish your gaming wallet by clicking on the “Deposit” button in the main menu. Browse through all available transaction methods and choose the most convenient one. Enter the amount you want to send and confirm your deposit.
  • Find Table Tennis – Use the Search feature or open the main menu to review all Mostbet betting sections. Click on the “Table Tennis” tab to analyze all active offers. Check all matches and their odds, and visit the Live section.
  • Choose an event – Find your favorite team or pick a game with the highest coefficients. Click on the selected offer to add it to the bet slip and take a look at its odds, lines, and other relevant details.
Placing Bets on Table Tennis with Mostbet
  • Complete your bet – Enter the amount you want to bet, adjust additional settings, and check your wager to avoid any mistakes. Click “Place a bet” to confirm your bet.
  • Receive your winnings – Wait for the platform to process your wager. Professional managers will check it and send winnings to your gaming wallet as quickly as possible.

Types of Table Tennis Bets Offered by Mostbet

Mostbet offers a wide range of popular Table Tennis betting options to its users, including:

Moneyline Betting

In every match, there is a favorite (- odds) and an underdog (+ odds) athlete. Betting on these two players is called Moneyline betting. For instance, if player No.1 is the favorite to win (-300 odds) and player No.2 is the underdog (+150 odds), you need to bet INR 300 on player No.1 to win INR 100. Similarly, you can bet INR 100 on player No.2 to win INR 150 plus your bet amount.

Totals Betting

Betting on totals involves predicting whether the game’s final score (total points) will be above or below the predetermined amount.

Types of Table Tennis Bets Offered by Mostbet

Parlay Betting

Also known as accumulator or combo betting, Parlay betting requires players to place multiple wagers on the same event and then make a final parlay bet that depends on the outcome of the initial wagers. This means that you need to make correct predictions for all your wagers to win a larger combo payout.

Live Table Tennis Betting 2023

Live betting, also called in-game betting, allows players to place wagers during Table Tennis matches. Mostbet’s In-game section offers many betting opportunities, and additional pro tools are available for analyzing games. Keep in mind that live offers often have higher odds because the platform’s managers change them almost every minute.

Table Tennis 2023 ratings and rankings

Table tennis is a sport that involves hitting a small ball with a paddle across a table divided by a net. Table tennis players are rated and ranked by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), based on their performance in various tournaments and events. The ITTF publishes different rankings for different categories and formats, such as singles, doubles, mixed doubles, youth and para. Here are some of the table tennis ratings and rankings in 2023, based on their points and positions:

Men’s SinglesFAN Zhendong (CHN) – 9375T1 (KOR) – 1904
Women’s SinglesCHEN Meng (CHN) – 10000T1 (KOR) – 1904
Men’s DoublesFAN Zhendong/XU Xin (CHN) – 10000T1 (KOR) – 1904
Women’s DoublesCHEN Meng/SUN Yingsha (CHN) – 10000T1 (KOR) – 1904
Mixed DoublesXU Xin/LIU Shiwen (CHN) – 10000T1 (KOR) – 1904

Tips for Table Tennis Betting in 2023

Table Tennis betting online may seem complex, but there are simple tips you can follow to win real money. Remember that betting is not solely based on luck and use the following Mostbet betting tips:

  1. Money management: It’s crucial to manage your finances and avoid irrational decisions. Set automatic bet limits to keep your spending in check.
  2. Choose a strategy: Read betting books to choose a strategy that works best for you. Trust the strategy and follow its instructions.
  3. Use your knowledge: Betting is based on knowledge, so place wagers on your favorite sport, team, or player to have as much data as possible.
  4. Don’t bet with emotions: Do pre-game research to gather data and use logic to make accurate predictions. Keep emotions in check after big losses or wins.

Mostbet Table Tennis Betting App

Mostbet mobile app betting is popular in 2021, and Mostbet offers a Table Tennis betting app with innovative features, great odds, and exclusive offers. The app is similar to the brand’s official site and offers the following advantages:

Mostbet Table Tennis Betting App
  1. Mobility: Place wagers on-the-go, anywhere and anytime.
  2. Security: The app has additional security settings to protect personal and banking information.
  3. Speed: The app is user-friendly with convenient sections and big, bright buttons, allowing players to place wagers quickly and easily.

Other Mostbet Sports

Mostbet offers more than just Table Tennis betting. It also covers other popular local and international disciplines, including:

  1. Sports: This section covers over 20 well-known sports, from cricket and football to basketball betting.
  2. eSports: Mostbet offers new eSports events regularly, allowing players to win real money on popular games like LOL, Dota 2, CS:GO, and StarCraft.
  3. Virtual Sports: Virtual Sports simulators, including horse racing, are available in this section.
Sports betting at Mostbet in India


What is the top resource for making money with Table Tennis betting?

While many gaming platforms offer great Table Tennis options, Mostbet is considered to have the best Table Tennis odds in the market. Its modern website and user-friendly app enable players to place highly profitable bets.

Are there any special Mostbet bonuses offers for newcomers in Table Tennis betting?

Absolutely! By creating a Mostbet account, you can receive free deposit boosters of up to 125%, with a maximum reward of 34,000 Indian Rupees.

Mostbet India FAQ
Is it legal to place Table Tennis wagers on Mostbet in India?

The company operates under a reputable Curacao gambling license and offers only legal and licensed services, so you can use the platform without any concerns.

Are there any exclusive Table Tennis offers on Mostbet?

The bookmaker boasts an impressive Table Tennis section with numerous pre-match and in-game offers. Players can choose from more than 15 betting markets, and highly profitable Table Tennis betting odds are easily accessible.

Can I use my phone to bet on Table Tennis?

Yes, Mostbet has an excellent mobile application with top offers, professional features, and innovative elements. Simply download the Apk file from the official site to start placing wagers and winning.